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7 Simple Ways to Stop Your Doors Banging

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7 Simple Ways To Stop Your Doors Slamming

A door suddenly banging shut can be shocking as well as annoying, for vulnerable children and people, such as those with autism, or dementia, it can cause serious anxiety.

1. Door Silencer

Jute Door Silencer 1000x

A customer asked me to think of a decorative way to stop a door banging, and I created a rope door silencer, now I make three types, and they are my bestsellers! They hang across the edge of the door from one handle to the other. They stop the sound of the door banging and toddlers fingers from being caught. One customer said it made it easier for her open her door from her wheelchair. Not to be used on a fire door. Click here for my door silencers and other useful items for the home.

2. Door Hold Back


Another customer asked me to make a rope hold back, so I spliced two eyes, so that one end could hook onto the door and the other could be attached to the wall. Not to be used on fire doors. Click here for more details.


3. Self Adhesive Felt Pads

These are very simple answer to the problem, they can be easily stuck onto the door jamb, to silence the slam, or on a door knob or handle to stop it damaging the wall.

4. Door Wedges

This is another inexpensive and simple way to keep the door from closing, but they can be a trip hazard.

5. Door Sweep (Also known as a door brush or filter)

A simple and easy way to slow down a closing door is to fit a door brush. Being just a metal or plastic strip with bristles, it is easy to fix to the bottom edge of a door. It works as a draught excluder too, which can help with heating bills.

6. How To Prevent Door Handles Hitting The Wall

You can buy floor or wall mounted door stops, these are made from spring or and rubber and are useful in stopping the door from hitting the wall, but they don't prevent it from closing. Easy to fit and inexpensive. I make a large monkey fist knot that hangs on a door handle that also prevents it hitting the wall, that I think is an attractive answer to the problem, and it can be moved from door to door. Have a look here for more details.

7. Slow Close Hinges and Overhead Soft Closers

Slow close hinges are dampened, so that they close slowly as their name suggests. The overhead soft closers are often used in commercial or public buildings, their speed of closing can be adjusted. Both of these mechanical means are not such a simple answer, needing a little more knowledge of DIY to fit them properly. Ask for advice when buying if you are considering use on a fire door.

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