Coastal Inspired Trends

Blue and whit seaside

The call of the sea, it draws us all, the smell of wet seaweed, the feel of sand between the toes, and the sound of gentle waves lapping the beach.

Blue skies and sandy beach

Blue and White

Coastal home decor doesn't always have to mean stripes, but I do like blue and white, it is a combination that always looks so clean and fresh. I must admit that I love wearing Breton tops, they look great with jeans, shorts or a skirt, great for holiday capsule wardrobe. 

Think of Greek Islands, with blinding white houses, bright blue domed churches, and of course on the Greek flag.

In the South of France you have the beach umbrellas and striped sun awnings, reflecting the deep blue sea and white sands.

Even here in  U.K. we have the famous striped Cornishware, a real classic, perfect for a coastal cottage cream tea. Apparently it was inspired by the blue skies and white crests of waves in Cornwall. 

I love to paint in watercolours, and ultramarine, colbalt, and cerulean are my favourites, these colours add calmness and brightness to a room too.

coastal style curtain tie

Natural and Neutral

For more inspiration from the coast, you can find that sandy tones go well with most rooms, not just the seaside influenced homes.

The soft shades of the beach go well with greens, blues, terracotta, as well as white. Think of Mediteranean courtyards of Spain with sandstone arches, olive trees, and tiled fountains.

Natural plant materials, such as rattan, jute, manila, cane, and linen can be beautiful as well as sustainable. For a nautical touch, you can use natural rope as wall hangings, mats, and curtain ties, adding texture to a decor.

Storage solutions like baskets made from natural materials can be decorative and very useful. Fruit bowls, laundry baskets, garlic stores, and entryway key catchall.

Seating made from woven wicker, rattan or cane has been very popular in warmer climes, so they are perfect for homes in the summer, add a woollen throw in the winter, to make it cosy and hygge.

 Undyed linen serves as a lovely backdrop used as curtains, and cushion covers, it complements most colours.

Natural rope mat

Lover of everything coastal style, especially stripy tops!

Janette Watson




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